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Post Natal Fitness

Helping you recover faster and more effectively for a strong and healthy motherhood.

Do you feel like your body just doesn’t belong to you? Have you lost the connection to and strength in your core and pelvic floor?

Do you want to feel more energized but are struggling to find any time to do the things that will help?

As a graduate of the Burrell Education Modern Post Natal Assessment and Exercise Prescription course I provide individual coaching focused on restoring core function, improving postural alignment through release and stretching strategies, correcting breathing strategies and providing key nutritional guidance to make sure you are putting in exactly what your body needs to repair itself and support the core function restoration process.

How can I help?

Initial Assessment Session 

To help you get the most out of the Core Confidence Program, I first offer a 40-minute session during which we will:

  • review your breathing technique
  • review your postural alignment
  • assess your core strength including a check for diastasis recti

The session provides you with the opportunity to discuss your specific situation and ask any questions and together we can work out the best next steps for you to take. You will also learn some key exercises that you can do straight away to start reconnecting with your core system. Before we meet for the screening session I will provide a detailed pre-screening questionnaire so that I can identify any issues which may require more specialist help prior to starting on my program.

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Post Natal Group Fitness 

Limited to 6 mums, my small group post natal classes are ideal for any mum who is looking to reconnect with her body and improve her overall fitness in a supportive environment. All exercises are safe and effective for the healing post natal body and will help you feel stronger and more energised in your days.

These classes will help you...

  • to reconnect with your body and regain fitness after pregnancy
  • to learn safe and effective exercises for strengthening your core and pelvic floor
  • to learn more about the best nutrition choices for supporting post natal healing

As an added bonus, if you are unable to get childcare to enable you to attend without bringing baby along, we will have a babysitter in class to keep an eye on them while you focus on you.

You will also be added to a private Facebook support group and be provided with nutritious and healing recipe ideas, home workouts and more!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve recently given birth, when can I start training?
You can start doing gentle pelvic floor exercises (or kegels) straight away but to start on the core confidence program you need to have been given the all clear from your GP to start exercising, usually after 6-weeks for vaginal births or 8-10 weeks for C-section births.

I need to lose weight since giving birth, will post natal training help?
Yes, we cover exercise and nutrition to help you restore your body and make the best nutritional choices to help you lose weight and feel great.

I had a difficult birth and am experiencing several issues, will post natal training help?
Everyone completes a pre-exercise health questionnaire to help me understand whether you require specialist help before commencing with a post natal training programme.
Stroud, Gloucestershire

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