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Post Natal Exercise and Nutrition Guidance

Welcome to the Red Kite Fitness and Nutrition Post Natal Training Page, essential guidance for all mums whether you have recently given birth or whether you are months or even years post birth but still experiencing issues associated with pregnancy and birth. 

Why is Post Natal Training different?

Pregnancy and birth put unique stresses and pressures on a woman’s body. Whilst trauma caused by pregnancy and birth will generally heal naturally given time, changes to muscle function in the abdominals and pelvic floor may need additional support to heal, strengthen and function ‘normally’.

Common Problems
Many women experience incontinence or ‘leaking’ after giving birth due to weakened core and pelvic floor muscles and this is often portrayed as an inevitable side-effect of pregnancy and birth. It may be a common side-effect but it should not be treated as normal and ignored. It is a sign that the pelvic floor and core muscles aren’t functioning properly and this can be corrected.

Abdominal versus Deep Core Stability Training
Standard ‘core’ exercises such as sit-ups and planks combined with high-impact interval training (or HIIT) commonplace today to help lose weight can actually make the problems worse. Exercises that help women to reconnect with their deep core and pelvic floor muscles are an essential first step – if we can’t feel them, how can we strengthen them? By following a programme that gradually reconnects and strengthens these muscles we can return to a fully-restored, fully-functioning body which can do all the things we need and want it to do.

Benefits of a Post Natal Assessment Session

If you have given birth and suffer from any of the following symptoms then a post-natal specific exercise programme will be beneficial:

  • Incontinence (leaking when coughing, sneezing, laughing, running etc)
  • Diastasis (separation of the abdominals along the front of the belly)
  • Pelvic/hip pain
  • Back pain

If you are unsure about the exercises you should be doing to support the recovery of your deep core and pelvic floor muscles then the Post Natal Assessment Session will provide you with a better understanding of how the core-system works and 5 key exercises that you can easily do at home which will help you reconnect and set a strong foundation for recovery.

What happens during the Assessment Session?

You will receive a link to a pre-screening questionnaire with your booking confirmation. This will assist me in identifying where to focus our discussions during the session to make sure we address the main issues you are experiencing.

I will undertake a general postural assessment, we will discuss breathing techniques and can check for the presence of a diastasis. I will then be able to advise you on the best next steps for you based on your ultimate goals, whether that be returning to regular exercise, playing sports or simply functioning properly for active daily living.

We will then work through some key exercises so that you can feel confident in incorporating them into your routine to support your recovery.

How Do I Book?

You can book a COMPLIMENTARY 40-minute post-natal assessment session by clicking the button and selecting your preferred appointment time. If a suitable appointment time is not available, please contact me via the contact form to arrange an alternative. 

Please only book a session once you have had your 6-10 week post-natal GP check-up.

What happens after the Assessment Session?

You will receive guidance on the exercises discussed to keep at home as a reference guide so that you can continue to do the exercises on a regular basis to kick-start your recovery.

If you wish to go deeper and get more support with your recovery then we can discuss follow-up programmes which range from 1-2-1 support to small group fitness classes designed specifically for post-natal women.

Ready to take control of your recovery?
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