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Women's Wellness Coaching Guidance

Welcome to the Red Kite Fitness and Nutrition Women's Wellness Coaching page, for women of any age or background who have found themselves stuck in a rut with their health and wellbeing. Have you found yourself lacking the time or confidence to go to a gym or group classes? Are you fed up with the yoyo diet rollercoaster?  Are you looking for guidance, motivation and understanding to regain control of your health? Then read on to find out the benefits of Wellness Coaching.

Why is Wellness Coaching Different to Personal Training?

Wellness Coaching is about a holistic approach and not simply providing clients a workout programme or meal plan to follow. It is about digging deeper to find out what your real goals are, why you have struggled to maintain your health and fitness, what you find difficult and what you enjoy, to build a programme to suit your needs and to fit with your lifestyle, incorporating exercise, nutrition and mind-set coaching.

Is Wellness Coaching for me?

  • If you have been a member of gym but found yourself paying the fee and not being motivated to turn up regularly.
  • If you struggle to find the time for yourself due to your work commitments or bringing up children.
  • If you have tried going on ‘diets’ but never been able to maintain the weight loss.
  • If you know you need to do something to help restore your energy levels, support weight loss and feel stronger and healthier

    ........then Wellness Coaching will help.

Benefits of a Discovery Session

As a mobile coach, you don’t need to be a member of a gym to benefit from Red Kite Fitness and Nutrition Wellness Coaching and by bringing the coaching to you it is much harder for you not to show up to that class today! 

If you’re feeling unsure about where to start, my complimentary Discovery Session will help you become clearer about your goals and how to incorporate fitness into your daily routine. You will learn a 10-minute exercise routine that you can easily do at home which will help you increase strength and mobility to get you started on your journey to a stronger, healthier you.

What happens during the Discovery Session?

You will receive a link to a pre-exercise assessment questionnaire with your booking confirmation. This will assist me in identifying where to focus our discussions during the session to make sure we address the main issues you are experiencing.

We will discuss your goals and talk about your current situation to identify what is working and what is holding you back from making progress towards your goals. We will talk about things you can incorporate into your routine that can make a surprising difference to your health and wellness without adding to your daily time pressures.

We will then work through a 10-minute exercise routine so that you can feel confident with the movements and be able to incorporate it into your routine to kick-start your health and wellness.

How Do I Book?

You can book a COMPLIMENTARY 40-minute Discovery Session by clicking the button below and selecting your preferred appointment time. If a suitable appointment time is not available, please contact me via the contact form to arrange an alternative.

What happens after the Discovery Session?

You will receive guidance on the 10-minute exercise routine to keep at home as a reference guide so that you can continue to do the exercises on a regular basis and get you started on becoming stronger and healthier.

If you wish to go deeper and get more support in achieving your health and wellness goals then we can discuss a follow-up programme of 1-2-1 wellness coaching. 

The standard Wellness Coaching Package costs £130/month and incorporates: 

- 1*60 minutes training session per week
- Workouts to complete at home in between sessions
- Nutrition coaching 
- Support and accountability between sessions to suit your requirements

If you require a different approach then we can discuss the options during your discovery session to work out a program that fits around your budget and commitments.

Ready to take control of your health and wellbeing?
Book your Discovery Session now!

Stroud, Gloucestershire

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