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Frequently Asked Questions

Wellness Coaching:

Do I need to be a gym member to benefit from wellness coaching?
No, all you need is yourself and a space big enough to stretch out in. I bring the kit to your sessions and if you don’t have any of your own to do additional workouts with I can provide you with body weight exercises, which can be just as effective as training with weights.

I’m not sure about weight/resistance training, won’t it make me look bulky?
No, to get ‘bulky’ requires a lot of effort and dedication to training and diet. Weight (or resistance) training is essential for everyone to maintain lean muscle as we age and as well as to help maintain healthy bones. Improving muscle quality and increasing muscle quantity will also increase your metabolism, meaning you burn more calories at rest which aids weight loss.

I have a few medical issues; will they stop me?
Everyone completes a pre-exercise health questionnaire so if required I can refer you to a
medical specialist before you start.

Post Natal Training:

I’ve recently given birth, when can I start training?
You can start doing gentle pelvic floor exercises (or kegels) straight away but to start on the core confidence program you need to have been given the all clear from your GP to start exercising, usually after 6-weeks for vaginal births or 8-10 weeks for C-section births.

I need to lose weight since giving birth, will the Core Confidence course help?
Whilst I encourage all of my post natal clients to focus on recovery  first and worry about weight loss later, throughout the sessions you receive exercise and nutrition guidance to help you restore your body and make the best nutritional choices which will also help you lose weight and feel great.

I had a difficult birth and am experiencing several issues, will post natal training help?
Everyone completes a pre-exercise health questionnaire to help me understand whether you require specialist help before commencing with the post natal training programme. All of the exercises are safe and effective so whilst you may require additional specialist help first (for example from a women's health physiotherapist), we will be able to adapt the programme to meet your needs. 
Stroud, Gloucestershire

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