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My Services

1-2-1 Wellness Coaching

For women who struggle to find the time to work on their own health and fitness, I bring the gym to your home so no more excuses. With a mix of resistance training, HIIT workouts, boxing and nutritional coaching, 1-2-1 wellness is for anyone who needs guidance, motivation and a structured routine to help them build new, healthy habits that will last a lifetime.
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1-2-1 Post Natal Fitness

Helping you recover faster and more effectively for a strong and healthy motherhood.
For mums who are looking for a more personal service, with my 1-2-1 post natal fitness I bring the gym to your home so no need to worry about getting out of the house on time and baby/toddlers can watch (or join in!). Focussing on recovery and rehabilitation of the deep core and pelvic floor muscles, a post natal programme is an essential first step for regaining strength and fitness.
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Returning to Fitness Group Class

Small group sessions for women who are looking to start their fitness journey or rediscover their fitness after a prolonged period of inactivity. Suitable for all levels and ages, the classes are structured to provide progressive exercises so you start at the level that suits your needs and work at your own pace as you get stronger, fitter and more confident with exercise. 
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Outdoor Group Fitness

For anyone who prefers to exercise in the great outdoors, these sessions provide a mix of strength and cardio fitness using High Intensity Interval Training style workouts with mobility drills thrown in to give you an all over work out. With the added benefit of spending time in the fresh air, these session are great for the mind as well as the body.
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Stroud, Gloucestershire

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